What's New
  • Dijjer Applet no longer self-signed
  • Dijjer Applet B105 Released
  • Dijjer 0.2.0 Released
  • Dijjer now has a javascript deployment mechanism.
Todo items
  • Have option to start Applet when browser starts.
  • Do better integration with logging system.

Dijjer is a java based project that dynamically creates a HTTP P2P Web cache. Dijjer is designed to be installed and run as a service on the local machine. The aim of this Mozilla based project is to provide:

  1. An Applet for 0-Install Dijjer functionality
  2. A Firefox extension for Dijjer integration that uses the signed applet

Note: Dijjer, the Dijjer Applet and the Dijjer Firefox extension are all currently beta software. Use at your own risk.

The dijjer project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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